retreat is for

2 leaves

Women wishing to answer a deep soul calling

Passionate women who care about the state of the world and want to engage with both their joys and grief

Women wishing to connect to a female honoring spirituality

Women fluent in the language of ritual and ceremony

Women who walk the paths of activist, amazon, priestess, witch or wise woman

Women who dance between the worlds

Women who honor all life, the web of interconnection, circle, ancestors and the wheel of the year


2 leaves

This beautiful landscape of a Hebridean Scottish island offers a supporting foundation for deep self discovery

You’ll be enrolled in a community of like minded women which begins when you officially sign up to the Retreat

Visit sacred sites, work with the energies of this place and submerge yourself in the realm of the Ancient Mothers

Explore doll making as an ancient spiritual practice of doll-making which allows you to make meaning of the unseen, lets your hands give it form and creates possibilities for the future

Time for personal reflection, solitude and silence

Explore the liminal – within yourself, within each day and the threshold we are living in within history

Work with shamanic tools which allow you to explore your intentions and personal needs and facilitates a communication with the Ancient Mothers


2 leaves

Leave with a renewed sense of engagement, revitalized connections and enthused about your role in the world

Engage with a process which allows you to put all of your experiences, insights and connections made into focus for your own personal work

Grow new roots which permanently connect you to the Ancient Mothers which will continue to strengthen and empower you

Birth your personal Aisling (Irish Gaelic term for dream/vision) which will be a source of sustainable inspiration

A grounding in our female lineage

Friendship, connection and community which both supports and empowers

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