Do You Yearn to Answer Your Soul’s Calling?

The CailleachHave you heard the call dear sister? Felt the longing to connect to your spiritual roots? To hear stories of ancient women and to walk the land they walked on? To walk the land with your own bare feet with ears and eyes wide open – for the land talks to us when we are in the right frame of mind. The soul is always receptive but living in our world we build up layers that sometimes get in the way of our connection.

This is one of the reasons I decided to hold this retreat – it’s not a get away from it all retreat it’s a sink your roots down retreat, strengthen those roots, inspire and empower us retreat so when we return home we are fully connected to our foremothers – who are whispering in our ears.

We will share stories of the mythical and historical women of this land – from Queen Moidart whose amazon warriors slayed the incomer Christian monks. The land itself holds stories of the Cailleach and the Deer Goddess – was this Deer Goddess a Cailleach herself?  What ignites my imagination and curiosity  is the the idea of all the priestesses of these old ones, the women who performed ritual and ceremony invoking these old ones throughout the year.


One night as the day entered twilight, that time that’s not quite day and not quite night I had such a strong sense of that old antlered one, as if her very bones formed the bedrock of these lands.

Twilight is such a magical time and in these islands perched at the edge of the world twilight lasts for hours after the sun goes down. This is the time that spirituality was born. Like the women who came before us we too will pick up the tools of ceremony and ritual and work with our personal intentions ones which feed into community and global concerns.

Do you hear the call dear sister? Shall you step out onto sacred land with me and take a dance between the worlds?


Booking Update

We have 3 bookings so far so seven spaces left on this retreat to the lands of the Ancient Mothers of Scotland.

If you wish to receive the early booking discount for the Retreat you can pay the entire amount in one payment up until 31st December. If you’d rather take the option of paying a deposit first (which is available until 31st October) and then your remaining sum is due on 31st December).




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