The Temple of the Ancestral Mothers

studio-collageFall is definitely creeping through the foothills of the Appalachians and finally the temperature is beginning to cool. All summer I’ve held that aching for cooler temperatures as there has been so many days where there is very little difference between the day and the night temperatures.

I after all am I creature of the north. I see dogs digging holes where they can bury into the cooler earth and i’ve wriggled my toes into the earth and soaked my feet in our teeny, tiny little stream.

Today I feel unsettled, restless. I had this vision that I just want to retreat to the temple of the Ancestral Mother’s. To enter the temple in the half light of dawn and open the door and windows to the new day.

I want to lie down in the centre of the temple and look up to images of the ancient mothers and her symbols as I purify myself in the aroma of dried herbs grown from the garden. To turn on some music which transports me from being rooted from this exact moment and stretches me back through the ages to my foremothers and to the future foremothers.


I’ll light some candles and offer prayers into the day. Remind myself to create from a place of mystery rather than yesterdays or last week’s emotions!

Then i’ll make some coffee and head upstairs to the studio which shares the same roof as the temple as of course it’s sacred work!

How do you envisage your temple?

But for now my temple is nomadic and my tribe of women is nomadic.

The Ancient Mothers of Scotland retreat takes us to an island which often feels on the very edge of the world. An Island steeped in the rich mythology of Ancient Mothers and for that time we are a tribe of women with our travelling temple….





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