The Ancestral Mothers of Scotland Retreat

Cailleach doll by the Loch of the Big Women


Registration has now closed for our 2017 Ancestral Mothers of Scotland Retreat.

Our 2018 Retreat to the Isle of Eigg taking place in mid to late May will launch                  on the 1st August 2017.

If you’d like to receive news of the retreat please sign up here registration is free and you’ll also receive news of our workshops, online courses.




The Ancient Mothers of Scotland Retreat

The Ancient Mothers of Scotland Retreat is a retreat to the Isle of Eigg off the west coast of Scotland.

Join a Tribe of Like Minded Women

It is a women only retreat honoring that women have gathered together in circle since the beginning of time when women began to honor the cycle of the year. I believe that when women gather together we each bring back a piece of that ancient sisterhood – one woman may carry the songs, another the ways of ritual, some honor the gathering through creating altars while some blend herbs for sweet inscence and healing and nourishing drinks. Together we reweave that ancient sisterhood that is needed more than ever on this planet at this time.
Day 8 collage

Who Are the Ancient Mothers? 

We’ll get to know these ancient Mothers of Scotland – The Goddess Brighid, the Cailleach, an old shadowy figure of a long vanished deer goddess and Clutha (who is a goddess of water and Goddess of the Clyde) through stories, through gestures of ritual, in visiting sacred sites as well as art and shamanic journeying.

The Cailleach

The Cailleach – doll by Jude Lally

Why come on This Retreat?

Without roots how can we remember that we once lived a very different life – one where we were completely integrated with nature. This Retreat allows us to reclaim our wild self, a part of ourselves who knows we are nature. It is a retreat to nourish our roots with stories and time in nature where the Ancient Mothers do they own work in talking to us and working through us. We gather in circle to share these experiences and explore them in art and weave them into our daily lives in the work we do in our lives and in our communities.

While each woman is on her own individual path in this life we come together to inspire each other, to share the stories and to be on the land which has a wonderful way of talking to you. You’ll leave with a renewed sense of aisling (personal vision) of your place in the world and also your work in the world.


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