Our 2019 retreat launches at the end of August 2018

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Maybe you’ve heard the calling from deep in your soul or maybe as a longing to return to a place you’ve never been? Our ten-day retreat with a circle of like-minded women offers you the opportunity to sink your roots down deep on an Island whose lands hold the spirit of the Ancestral Mothers.

We’ll gather to hear stories of Amazons and Pagan Queens, Celtic warriors and the Ancestral Mothers and also have the opportunity to tell our own story.  With time to submerge yourself in nature and opportunities to offer gestures in ritual and ceremony at the Well of the Holy Women, by the shores of the loch as well as in private with just the ocean, stars as witness, under long lingering twilights.

Take a Pilgrimage to Yourself

How often do we get to take time for ourselves, to delve into our depths and embody our wild self? On an island that shifts between the worlds you have the opportunity to step into the threshold of yourself -as you communicate with the ancestral mothers in their own unique language – the sea, stars, birds or animals.

Ritual, ceremony and creativity help integrate your experiences in a way which helps us see how we can weave these insights into our lives.

You’ll leave with a deeper sense of your own Ancestral path and stronger roots to support you in the work you do in the world. So come rewild your imagination on a woman’s soul weaving journey on the Ancestral Mothers of Scotland Retreat on the Isle of Eigg.















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