The Seal Singer needlefelted doll

As part of sharing the news about the retreat we are giving away the ‘Seal Singer’ a needle felted doll. To be in the draw please share the web address for the retreat and fill in the form below.

The  story of the Seal Singer – She walks the shore singing to the sea. It is said that you can see her shimmering shadow if you head to the shore on a full moon night, but you have to be very, very quiet. It’s said that she herself is a selkie – her seal skin stolen by a man she eventually married. It’s also said that her song is a sad one and when she sings the seals appear, their heads bobbing on the waves and they will join in her sad song of the sea. She is a wise woman, a holder of the seal stories – if you leaver her an offering on the shore – maybe an arrangement of shells and seaweed – add some driftwood and some nice rocks she’ll sing your request to the seals….


In order to be in the draw you are required to share some details of the retreat on Social media to help spread the news