Retreat Reviews

2017 Retreat Reviews

Afternoon Tea 

Jude’s depth of understanding and passion for the stories of the ancestral mothers inspired me to want to know more and connect more deeply with them. As the retreat progressed I felt myself connecting more and more with each passing day.

I particularly enjoyed connecting with the Big Women through making my doll, feeling her coming alive more and more to where I felt the spirit of the ancestral mothers both in her and in myself.  The retreat offered me a richer and deeper understanding of where I’ve been and new inspiration and vision for where I want to go.

Katherine Daniel   

A wonderful retreat blending wild scottish landscape, good health and spiritual exploration of ancient female power. Powerful dreams and visions gained through this work & land enabled me to carry out a ritual which I feel in my bones healed a deep scarring in my female linage. I am still connected to the stone I planted into the Island’s soil and on challenging days I see through it’s eyes and am reminded of who I really am. Lengthy walks, delicious conscious eating and sincere mindful women made this a life-changing experience.

Gayle Mair 

Shell Hunters

I went on this retreat expecting a nourishing break from a hectic city life, a rest and maybe some spiritual moments. What I got was an introduction to an incredible Scottish island with every kind of landscape and so many women-centred stories and sacred spaces everywhere. I got a retreat so filled with earthy, unpretentious love and energy and wisdom with not a hint of competitiveness, new agey energy or hierarchies. Just wise women, led and taught by the ever knowledgeable and nurturing Jude, who was one of us, while holding a light and grounded space and bringing years of learning to pass on. This work was grounded in a Scottish place and space, with no hint of cultural appropriation. The 12 day journey was planned with appreciate ebb and flow and build like one long magic ritual, space for participants to work with their own practices and traditions and lot’s of fun activities and enjoyment too!

The Ancestral Mothers of Scotland Retreat touched a deep and profound place of longing in me, and gave me an incredible amount of space and soul work to heal some very deep traumas that therapy and friendly support hadn’t been able to touch. One month after my return I am delighted to find these effects are solid and real, not just a high from a nice fortnight away with amazing women in a beautiful place (it was all that too!).

Transformations are still happening in my life where the soul loss and inner emptiness I have felt for some years now is filled and healed and I have positive energy and a much deeper instant connection with the wise voices within me that guide me in the right direction. The retreat was also fun, enlightening, restful, friendly, comfy, and full of excellent inner and outer spiritual activities on a very powerful place in Scotland: the Isle of Eigg, the land of big women. Jude is an absolutely top facilitator for these experiences, bringing a real grounded, solid and safe (and humorous when needed) energy to running the group. Her teaching and crafting abilities are wonderful as is her deep connection to the land there, which she is so good at sharing with others. As a past spiritual group facilitator and teacher myself (long out of practice) I learned so much from how Jude tunes into what is needed in a low-key, non-egotistical, non-controlling way, and allows the unique energy of that particular collection of souls to guide her – I am quite certain her own Irish and Scottish ancestors are very proud of her right now!”

Sarah Currier 

Jude Lally is an excellent facilitator and presenter leading us  on a journey to meet the ancestral mothers and to find their strength within ourselves. Through journeying, hill walking, storytelling and doll making her style is gentle and the schedule is relaxed, which was exactly what I needed. The food was nutritious and fortifying to enable our important exploration of the island. The women were each amazing and a delight to be with from the first moment to the last. Through walking the hills I made such connections to the land and nature on Eigg. I knew this retreat would be life changing, but I didn’t know how. I find that I have so much more confidence and determination with the ability to handle higher levels of stress in a calm way than I did before. This is a life-changing adventure that you don’t want to miss!

Kat Toebes 


Workshops & classes

With a style that appeals to both intellect and heart, Jude’s work is a portal to other worlds where ancient myths and soulful art feed the longings of the wild soul.  Arlene B

Jude’s workshops are always rich with informed lore, a relaxed and calming environment with sharing and community building, advice and creativity – positive women’s spirituality. Music! Craft! Drumming! Self Expression!  Nina V.

My experience with the Celtic Goddesses workshops in 2015 were incredibly powerful. I was honored to be introduced to some Celtic Goddesses I had not met before and deepen my connection with the ones whom I had. I found Jude’s workshop facilitations informative, skillful and empowering. I greatly appreciate her capabilities as a leader, ritualist and artist. I was able to move forward with my own healing path and creative breakthroughs, feeling refreshed and deeply gratified from the journeys and creative inspiration. C.S.

The depths, the research, the heart, the soul, the honoring of Cailleach is formidable and powerful!   It feels you heaved a large boulder from this Great Goddess, she stood stretching her old bones and turned to grin at you for remembering and uncovering her wisdom.  I thank you for remembering!  Your medicine is a gift to this world, this world that so needs to remember Cailleach!  In deepest gratitude!  Reda R
I can hear the land singing through your voice. Thank you for the beauty of your words.
 Jacqueline Woodward-Smith